A Message from Sam Bruno…A Must Read!

21 Apr


Greetings and good morning from Ivy Lane.

Rather then remain silent, rather than decline to participate in the
process and rather than whisper around corners, beneath stairwells,
within dark recesses or the twilight of covens; citizens have roared
in their support of Tenafly’s 3,642 students.

As a previously unelected incumbent, I am humbled by each
vote of trust and confidence and grateful for the privilege
to serve my community.

I thank those whose fingers pushed my button.

I thank those several families who welcomed me into their homes,
to those who challenged me with questions and those who
shared with me their precious time to engage in dialogue.

I thank the H.S.A. network.

I thank several and certain individuals who championed my candidacy and
provided extraordinary support, guidance and counsel.

I thank those who campaigned, soft and hard, to introduce me
to citizens and residents to whom I had never before been introduced.

For those who chose not to push my button; I respectfully ask
for you to give me a look, to let me please introduce myself and
offer your open ear and mind, to watch and listen to what I and fellow
trustees say and do and how and why we do so.

Though the high holy season of the 2010-2011 budget cycle and vote have ended;
citizens should not meander away from their heightened attendance
and participation in Tenafly Public Schools.

The kids, the Administration and the TBoE trustees need your continued support,
commentary, balance and vigilance.

Please attend the TBoE meetings in person or watch on Tigervision Channel 77 or online.

Please become a registered voter.

Please review, online, the posted TBoE Agenda.

Please email your questions, comments, frustrations and suggestions to either the
Superintendent and/or Trustees.

Tenafly’s residents possess a wealth of intellectual and experiential capital.
This collective knowledge, skill set and people network needs to be tapped
to help the Tenafly Public School district maintain and continue on
course as a premier public school district. Now more than ever we need
to find creative, innovative and outside the box solutions to exist in this
drastically changed environment of public school funding in New Jersey.

This morning the sun has risen, school bells rang and students shall
continue to learn, play, compete, study and become enlightened; thanks to many
stakeholders in the community- especially its voters.

GO TIGERS ! Thanks and regards, SAB  SABTBOE@gmail.com

One Response to “A Message from Sam Bruno…A Must Read!”

  1. Tenafly Resident April 21, 2010 at 4:09 pm #

    Mr. Bruno:

    I voted for you. And I am very happy that you are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support the Tenafly community has shown the Tenafly public schools. But your post on Ten Swamps (which is a wonderful website) says absolutely nothing about the tax burden. You say “the kids, the Administration and the TBoE trustees need your continued support,
    commentary, balance and vigilance.” Well of course. But consider that in a mere 8 years my real estate taxes have more than doubled. Indeed, they has gone up 225% in 8 years. So yes it is important to focus on our schools, I hope you consider that there is a sickness, a malaise, that has festered in Tenafly (yeah, I know, in most New Jersey towns) which will drive residents away, will drive the elderly away (which I consider a great sadness), and drive the middle class away. The model is not sustainable. So yes, next year our schools will remain intact as the fiscal health of the residents declines. The breaking point, or tipping point, is near, if we have not already passed it. So the Town and the BOE patched together a workable solution for next year. Well, if you ask me, it is moving deck chairs around on a ship that has a cracked hull, that is taking on water and is starting to sink. My property taxes now exceed my mortgage payments, and certainly represent the single largest tax we pay (barely), more than our federal and state taxes combined. I know people in Tenafly who told me they voted for the BOW budget, but that they were sadly voting for other people’s children, not their own since Tenafly is no longer affordable.

    The vote was a victory – but I fear just a Pyrrhic one.

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